Satellite Data

This page is currently (February 2017) under reconstruction pending availability of different data products. Some images and links here are missing. We apologise for the inconvenience. Remodeling work is expected to complete by the end of February 2017.

Himawari 8 images/data copyright and courtesy Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA). Modified images and data copyright Inside Systems Pty Ltd.

Australia/Pacific: Himawari 8 (MTSAT3) at 140.7E

Visible RGB
  • red (0.64µm)
  • green (0.51µm)
  • blue (0.47µm)
Near IR composite:
  • red (NIR2 at 1.6µm)
  • green (NIR1 at 0.86µm)
  • blue (VIS at 0.64µm)
Mid-Far IR composite:
  • red (TIR14 at 11.2µm)
  • green (TIR11 at 8.6µm)
  • blue (MIR at 3.8µm)
Water Vapour composite:
  • red (WV at 7.2µm, ~700hPa/3km)
  • green (WV at 6.9µm, ~500hPa/5.5km)
  • blue (WV at 6.2µm ~300hPa/9.2km)
Airmass composite:
  • red (Jetstream)
  • green (warm airmass))
  • blue (cold airmass)
Visible RGB 1k animation

Full size image (Warning: 150MB!)
NearIR RGB 1k animation

Full animation (Warning: HUGE!)
Mid-Far IR RGB 1k animation

Full animation (Warning: HUGE!)
Water Vapour RGB 1k animation

Full animation (Warning: HUGE!)
Airmass RGB 1k animation

Full animation (Warning: HUGE!)

Cropped loop for Mopra, ATCA, and Parkes

IR composite animation | Mid - Far IR composite animation | Water Vapour composite animation

Daily movie files

The visual movies are now all hosted in our own #beautifulearth YouTube channel. Click here to view the latest videos


GOES E (75 W) Water Vapour
GOES E (75 W) Mid IR
GOES W (135 W) Water Vapour
GOES W (135 W) Mid IR


The raw image data is sourced from the Dundee satellite reception facility and processed on this server to produce the false colour images and ancillary weather products. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this site.